Italian Model Features on Magazine Cover!!!!

ITALIAN MODEL FEATURES ON MAGAZINE COVER!!!!   "BETTER LATE AND CLEVER"   "Sensational Maserati Bora" is featured on the cover of August's edition of the excellent "Classic & Sports Car" magazine. The owner kindly agreed to allow the Bora, that is for sale with CCCR, to be loaned to renowned motoring journalist Martin Buckley for this month's feature "BETTER LATE AND CLEVER". The article makes a great read and will not put you off owning this iconic Italian masterpiece. For more details of the Bora visit the sales p... read more

CLASSIC car investments are more valuable than gold

This is the claim made by Daily Express columnist Luke Chillingsworth in the Daily Express this week. The article is reproduced below: Classic cars increase in value by £20,000 over the last decade - you might own these gems. Fresh analysis from Vanarama and Hagerty Insurance has found that classic car values increase by around 97 percent over 10 years. This is compared to a 10-year increase of just 45 percent for pieces of gold and 50 percent for UK property. The 1961 Volvo P1800 was worth just £7,611 in 2010 but has seen a dramatic pric... read more

Who designed those iconic Aston Martin Engines ?

Aston Martin is as English as leather on willow and irresponsible drinking, so it’s fitting that its first straight six was designed by WO Bentley (yes, that Bentley). But the engines that followed were designed by Pole Tadeusz ‘Tadek’ Marek. Marek was from Kraków and studied engineering at Technische Universität Berlin before working for Fiat in Poland and also for General Motors. Despite a serious racing accident in 1928, he raced the 1937 Monte Carlo Rally in a Fiat 1100 followed by a Lancia Aprilia in 1938 and an Opel Olympia in... read more

Why it Pays to Invest in Classic Cars

  A 1956 Vauxhall Cresta E that is one of only three remaining on the road in the UK and has covered only 90,000 miles sold for a world record £48,000 at auction in the UK last weekend. Including commission, the price paid by the buyer was £53,760. There cannot be a better Cresta E anywhere in the world after the painstaking rebuild by the vendor between 2012 and 2015. Starting with a relatively rust-free, New Zealand-assembled Cresta, it was a labour of love to recreate the example he owned and fondly remembered from new back i... read more


Cotswold Classic Car Restorations (CCCR) are delighted to announce that Gustav “Gus” Mayer a renowned international Mercedes Benz specialist with over 40 years’ experience of the marque has permanently joined the company. Gus began his love affair with Mercedes in his native Zimbabwe back in 1982 when he started an MB apprenticeship at his local dealership becoming a qualified Service Advisor.  He was there for 10 years learning his trade before moving on to Pretoria in South Africa to expand his career. Once settled he continued to... read more

Lotus Blossoms - For the Drivers!!!!

The three beauties featured here, Elan, Esprit and Elise are all classics in their own right and we are lucky to be helping them find new owners. By remaining true to the ethos of founder Colin Chapman, Lotus stands alone as a brand dedicated to pure drivers’ cars. Innovative engineering, cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials ensure that every Lotus proves the value of achieving performance through light weight. Reducing mass remains the most effective means of achieving a true connection between driver, car and road – a qual... read more


Cotswold Classic Car Restorations Limited (CCCR) are delighted to announce the acquisition of specialist engineering firm South Cerney Engineering (SCE).  This merger of the 2 businesses means that CCCR become one of the very few companies in the UK that can offer a full end to end restoration process for classic vehicles “in house”.  The services that can be offered are high class bodywork, body fabrication, engineering builds, full interior trim and electrical work.  This means that customers only have to deal with one orga... read more


The historic vehicle industry generates revenues in excess of £5.5b per year – an increase of 27.9% over the past five years – while classic car usage has quadrupled, according to the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs National Historic Vehicle Survey. The survey, which takes place every five years, last carried out in 2016 showed that the historic vehicle industry in the UK is in rude health: “To those closely associated with the historic vehicle community this may not be a great surprise, one only has to look at development... read more

The Oulton Park Gold Cup

Great to see the Gold Cup event went ahead over the Bank Holiday weekend, some good classic motor racing albeit with reduced spectator numbers.  The Megacar Monday event is always a favourite as it brings in a tremendous collection of classic cars, of all ilks, to be displayed on the in field so the public can walk around them and watch some excellent racing at the same time.   The rise in interest of cars from the 70's and 80's was evident with sizeable diplays of those marques as well as the "Usual suspects".  The early For... read more


Cotswold Classic Car Restorations Limited (CCCR) has now launched its fully equipped car upholstery and trim shop at its base in Down Ampney near Cirencester.  This exciting development means that any customer can now get repairs and/or refurbishment, however small, done to their vehicle’s trim and upholstery as a separate job other than as part of a full restoration.  CCCR has a team of highly experienced and renowned specialists in place ready to work on vehicles.   This service is also open to other restoration companies ... read more

High accolade for the CCCR edition Wolseley

Last year CCCR was commissioned to restore and update a Wolseley 15/60 saloon. A much maligned and forgotten gem from the BMC stable. A Typically underpowered British saloon from the 1960's with sloppy handling and poor brakes to match and with a fair number of shared parts bin components, however it has a sort of endearing 'Captain Mainwaring' class respectability about it and the interior design and finish is nice enough. Due to its rarity you do find yourself walking around a car like this taking note... read more

2018 comments and thoughts.

Firstly I would like to thank all my customers who have had to wait patiently longer for their restored cars than they would expect. This was due to an incident I suffered where I made good use of the world class emergency services life saving skills of the NHS. I cannot speak highly enough of the professional care I received from all departments and feel we should congratulate the service more and kick our largely bickering useless political elite for not ensuring our great nurses and doctors get the funding and managing&nb... read more


Underseal is a thick coating applied to the chassis of a vehicle to protect against damage from salt corrosion and ice damage, and chipping from stones that could allow rusting to occur. A bitumen based compound used to be applied by some, but after time this becomes brittle and water damage can be trapped between the underseal and the body, causing an even more favourable environment for rust, than if no seal was applied at all! Polyurethane based underseals don’t have this disadvantage, but they will also suffer damage over time and it’... read more

Insuring your classic car

Insurance of Classic Cars can be a mine field.  It can be difficult to know where to start and who best to approach for the insurance of a possession that is valuable not only in monetary terms but often emotionally as well. It pays to remember that the cheapest insurer may not give the best value for money policy.  It’s worth finding out exactly what your car will be covered for and how the insurance company will deal with any claims you may submit, whether it be as serious as theft, or as minor as a ding. Your vintage vehicle ma... read more

RS Turbo reaches world record setting price of £60,000

At this years NEC Silverstone auctions a 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo  sold at auction for an astonishing £60,000 with buyers premium, 10 times more than its original showroom floor price of £10,073.   Having been stored in a temperature controlled garage for the last couple of decades it is said to have been the lowest mileage version in existence with a mere 6,000 miles on the clock interestingly also at last weekend's auction a 50's Triumph TR3 failed to get a bid... There has been a notable rise of interest in... read more

Aston Martin getting world wide attention.

During life, friendships and acquaintances develop and fade over time and some of these relationships can have a far reaching effect within our personal and professional lives far beyond what we think in the present is imaginable. The friendships don't necessarily have to be particularly strong or close for a small gesture of kindness or a spoken word from someone nearby to have life changing effects. Many years ago one such gentleman by the name of Mike Webb who owned a traditional filling station/MG dealership near Cirencester started helping... read more

2015 Classic Car Markets

2014 has seen the continuation of price rises in virtually all of the classic car sectors and with full order books and list of customers wanting the rare high end of the Aston Martin range as long as my arm I see no end in sight to the growing popularity of classic car ownership. There are multiple reasons for this happening, for instance at CCCR we are restoring cars for collectors who want to add to their collection, for the enthusiast who wants to own and experience ownership of various Marques during their life time, for financial investor... read more

CCCR's Triumph TR6 challenge.

CCCR was pleased to receive a commission in the late summer of 2014 by a oversea's client to purchase and restore to their very exacting specification a pre 1970 Triumph TR6 within a six month time frame! typically this sort of full restoration would take the best part of nine to twelve months depending on the final spec. The Triumph brand is very popular providing everything one could want for in classic motoring, style, fun, practicality and individuality. During 2014 CCCR has worked on numerous Stag's TR 3's TR5's TR6's TR7's and a Vitesse! ... read more

CCCR sponsor Aston Martin owners club race

CCCR are delighted to be sponsoring the AMOC race at Castle Combes Autumn Classic Event on Sunday 5th October. The event is built around the concept of classic and vintage race cars and people are encouraged to dress up in 1950's attire. We as a company are well known within the Aston Martin world and have a long time association with Castle Combe, going all the way back to the early 1990's when both the directors of CCCR used to race at the venue. Being aproached by Rodney Gooch to sponsor the AMOC race is a great privilage and CCCR are honou... read more

Beaufort Polo Charity Auction Day

CCCR were glad to have the oppurtunity to be sponsors at the Beaufort Polo Day in aid of the Hope for Tomorrow cancer charity. Held in the heart of the Cotswolds the Beaufort polo club is based in Westonbirt, the perfect location for a successful day on and off the pitch. With some beautiful cars and plenty of spectators to talk to CCCR had an wonderful time.... read more

CCCR classic car event

CCCR can report on what only can be described as a great success on Thursday, holding their first ever classic car open evening. With the sun shining down on a collection of glorious classic cars the company directors, Jonathan and Matthew, talked about the various processes involved with high end vehicle restoration and how the final results are achieved. Demonstrations of how the company works and the dedictation that goes into every minor detail from the leather seats and carpets to the final touches of paint work were of great interest to t... read more

Hollywood glamour with a Excalibur

CCCR recently had the pleasure of working on a Excalibur once owned by the Hollywood actor Tony Curtis. These are especially rare in the UK and were roughly styled on the Mercedes SSK by Brook Stevens the same designer who designed many things Inc the Miller beer logo. With a three hundred horse power V8 Studebaker propelling the car to a sub 5 second 0-60 and for those who no longer have much value for their life a top speed in excess of 150 MPH! The car is with out doubt agricultural to drive but never fails to make you smile, it also sounds ... read more

Understanding Aston Martin

Its with great sadness that I have read that Aston Martin plans to install AMG engines into their cars in the future, no doubt a financial decision made by the bean counters of its co owner's who have no idea about the ethos of Aston Martin or what it stands for. I fear that the same fate awaits Aston Martin as what has happened to Bentley and Rolls Royce, although both of those brands are technically brilliant their styling is questionable retro in the same vein as the failed S Type Jaguar, I do appreciate that todays legislation prevents many... read more

CCCR'S unknowing founders

CCCR entertained some very special guests a few weeks ago in the form of Dave and June Perkin from Tavistock in Devon. Dave and June used to own a company called "Abbey Body works" in Tavistock which was a vehicle body repair specialist where I apprenticed many years ago. Dave Perkin apprenticed himself back in the mid fifties when the Jaguar XK140 was a new model and the glorious E type was not yet a finished design!. I remember him telling me how he was taught not to waste metal when making repair patches from a new sheet of steel (after all ... read more

CCCR to Sponsor Aston Martin race

CCCR are proud to be sponsoring the Aston Martin Owners club race at the Castle Combe Autumn classic race day on Sunday the 5th of October 2014.The day is a must for the classic car enthusiast, with everything from MG's to Jaguars racing and a encouraged 1950's dress code to really create the atmosphere of a bygone age. During the course of 2014 CCCR will be raffling tickets and the chance to start the very race itself. CCCR will be having its own hospitality tent exhibiting some of the cars it has restored as well as refreshments fo... read more

The art of restoration

The picture above shows the dash board of Maserati 3500 GTI being retrimmed at CCCR, the same car also had a new roof lining made and fitted, both of these tasks take extraordinary skill and patience to get perfect in fit and finish. Not only is the right materiel required but the number of stitches per inch, the stitch tension and the thread width are all critical to making just the seams of the roof lining look as Maserati intended! And the dash board is beautiful with all the different surfaces of paint chrome, glass, vinyl, and various plas... read more

Where would we be... without the MGB

At CCCR we are lucky to restore and maintain some of the worlds greatest classic and sports cars. marques as diverse as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mclaren, Triumph, Maserati and of course MG. We have restored many MGB's over the years and the sales side of CCCR recently sourced a beautiful condition MGB for one of its customers. Whilst road testing this particular car it occurred to me what a fantastic classic car these are. There are two body styles roadster for wind in your hair summer motoring or my favorite the GT (Mainly because the top of my h... read more

XK 150 Returns to the fold

Recently arrived for a complete body and mechanical restoration is this Jaguar XK 150 drophead coupe which was originally dispatched to Jaguar Cars, New York on 5th February 1959. Both of our apprentices were taken with the stateside appearance of the car, particularly set off by the whitewall tyres (I believe the modern terminology used was ‘cool’). When originally despatched the body colour was cream with a red interior and black hood, however the final colour specification for the restoration is still under consideration as is th... read more

SU Story

Below is an extract from a letter we recently received from a customer after we had set up the SU carbs on his Land Rover. He had been trying to get them set up properly for some time and I believe we were the fourth company to take a look. ‘I just want to thank you again for the excellent work done on tuning my 1983 Land Rover 110's SU carburettors. She is running fine now, with lots of power plus low rev torque. I could tell that you guys had done it right when I started the engine when I collected the Land Rover. I've given her a dec... read more

Italian Cousins

These two Italian beauties are an interesting combination that just by chance happen to be in our workshops at the same time. The Touring bodied Maserati 3500GT, now finished in its original colour of Verde Bosco, is a car used at the 1961 London Motor Show. Manufactured between 1957 and 1964, almost 2000 Touring bodied coupes were produced. With an output of around 220 bhp from a straight six fed by 3 twin choke 42 DCOE Webbers it was capable of around 145 mph, a not inconsiderable performance for a car first produced in 1957. This was Masera... read more

Christmas Karting Capers

The CCCR team have just enjoyed a great pre-Christmas evening out at one of our local Karting tracks. I was informed before the event that I was ‘’going down’’ by some of our younger staff members but still held on to the hope of a podium finish. Unfortunately for your writer, youth and lack of weight had significant advantage over age and experience, the event being won by one of our apprentices, Chris Hodgson, whilst I turned out to be the mobile chicane. There’s always next year…………… Happy Christmas and a peaceful ne... read more

Down the Hatch

After some months trying to make time for work on his MG, Jon finally managed to get to the stage where he could shake it down in a late season scratch race at Brands. The car is still a work in progress and there is plenty to do before next season’s Saloon car championship at Castle Combe which we hope to contend in full. A lot of useful information was garnered from the event and Jon even managed to keep it on the black stuff most of the time. The bottle of bubbly that Jon is clutching so tightly in the photo ( ably assisted by Fergus) was... read more

Merlyn Casts a Spell

We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to re-commission this beautiful little 1969 Merlyn Formula Ford. Purchased from the Karl Ritter Museum collection in Austria last month it appears to be an extremely original car. Merlyn cars were built by Colchester Racing Developments and through 68/69/70 they dominated much of the UK Formula Ford scene driven by the likes of Tim Schenken and Bryan Sharp. The 11 and 11A was a development of the ’67 Mk 10 F3 car and formed the basis of Merlyn FFs well into the ‘70s. Having come from ... read more

Gentle Restorations

At CCCR we are great believers in doing as little as possible to keep a classic looking beautiful and original. Typically, trims and fixings do not lend themselves to being removed and refitted (especially with the passing of time) and how many times have you seen an older car with the odd trim sitting awkwardly because it has been distorted when being removed or its fixing base is not as the manufacturer intended. When I first viewed this customer’s Porsche 911 Carrera two things became very apparent. Firstly, the car was in extremely ori... read more

CCCR Aston Martin concours win

CCCR proudly won at the Aston Martin Broughton Castle autumn concours event in the non Aston Martin class with a Corvette C1. In March Peter Harwood came to CCCR with his Jensen interceptor and asked us to undertake various body repairs, rebuild the interior and engine bay detailing and further preparations of the car for the International Concours Car Competition at Cheshire. The class consisted of cars from all over Europe as well as the U.K making it a tough class and CCCR were very happy to hear that Peter Harwood won his class and was e... read more

Another cherished classic leaves CCCR workshops

It was really rewarding to see this glacier white MGB GT going back to a family who have cared for it for most of its life. Having been with Nigel Hornsby's family since almost new save for a short period in the 1980s Nigel was keen to make sure the car was good for another 50 years. Being a man of discerning taste he commissioned us to undertake a comprehensive rebuild and make a few discrete improvements as a gesture towards modern motoring. We understand continental touring may be on the agenda and so wish him bon voyage.... read more

New Apprentices Start Work

We are pleased to welcome two new apprentices to Cotswold Classic Car Restorations. Chris and Fergus are starting four year apprenticeships splitting their time between our workshops and S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol. We are fully committed to training young people in the skills which are so important to our industry and will be giving the lads experience across a comprehensive range of tasks related to the restoration of classic cars. It will be rewarding to see their capabilities grow over time and I look forward to showcasing some of the... read more

A brace of DB6 to savour

I love driving these cars. When I take one out for a test drive I always feel I could just keep going, take a ferry and end up on the Riviera. One of these is in for an engine rebuild whilst the other is in for broader attention. Taking all models into account there were almost 2000 DB6 built, many of which still survive. Values now warrant sensible care and attention but it is so nice to see them being used regularly rather than just wrapped up and parked away as an investment.... read more

MGC prepares for the track

Our customer intends to race this MGC and we are currently installing the roll cage and attending to a few other items prior to re-installation of the engine and gearbox. Although the cage specified here is a proprietary item we do have a lot of experience in race preparation and the design of bespoke cages. We are always happy to discuss race preparation or support for any vehicle.... read more

Rare French Donnet gets a spruce up

What a pretty little car this is, a torquey 1100cc engine and 4 speed box also makes it a usable car on today’s roads. There are only 3 of these known in the UK but around 26 survive in their native France. This one is in lovely condition, having been restored previously and is in for a little upgrade to some of the paintwork.... read more

Beaulieu autojumble

September is nearly with us and we will be heading to Hampshire as we do every year for the wonderful Beaulieu Autojumble . There is always something we need to locate, usually an original part that is no longer available, and I can't remember a visit when we were not successful in our endeavours. The trouble is there are always so many other little gems there to tempt you and we have been known to come away with period garage signs, petrol pumps and even a classic bicycle on one occasion. You can’t beat it can you.... read more

E Type nears completion

It’s true to say that work on this car has taken longer than we originally anticipated but the result is going to be stunning. I have read many times over the years how various body colours and trim are ‘the’ combination to have but of course any view is largely subjective. My own favourite is British Racing Green with Suede Green trim, maybe in part because my wife’s father had an E Type in this colour in the 1970s so clearly the nostalgia effect cannot be ignored. However, having seen this combination again in our workshop I just can... read more

Lagonda Rapide heads for the spray booth

Those of you who have been following the progress of the Lagonda in ‘Classic and Sportscar’ may be interested to know that the engine in the Rapide has now been re-installed after a rebuild at Mike Connor’s workshop and once again sounds terrific. With the engine now back in, the new paintwork is being applied and we are really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Only 55 of these cars were ever made and if the results of Bonham’s recent Aston Martin centenary sale are anything to go by they are now attracting serious money.... read more

Aston Martin arrives at the workshop

First sight of a 1972 Aston Martin arriving at the workshops to be given a complete restoration to it's former glory.... read more

New website for Cotswold Classic Car Restorations

Welcome to your new website for Cotswold Classic Car Restorations. Keep up to date with the latest news and views on the world of classic and collectable cars along with the latest from here at the workshops and showrooms. Thanks to Tom and the team at Cotswold TV for all their work. ... read more

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