2014 has seen the continuation of price rises in virtually all of the classic car sectors and with full order books and list of customers wanting the rare high end of the Aston Martin range as long as my arm I see no end in sight to the growing popularity of classic car ownership. There are multiple reasons for this happening, for instance at CCCR we are restoring cars for collectors who want to add to their collection, for the enthusiast who wants to own and experience ownership of various Marques during their life time, for financial investors or for people who want to rebuild a classic car to their own specification and then to pass it down to their children. Quite frankly apart from a large stately home what else tops a classic car left in a will? Especially one that was loved cherished and used by your ancestors.... that can be used loved and photographed all over again as part of the family for successive generations, a link to the past and a family day out in the future. So in 2015 I don't see any real let up in the market as a whole, the growing popularity of events held by Good Wood, Silverstone and even the fast developing Castle Combe Autumn Classic which are themed around cars and racing but involves the whole family dressing up in period costume and enjoying a day out means the Classic motor car sat in the garage is now more involved and loved than ever before as a bringer of good times and not just that old car in the garage that Dad goes and plays with when he forgot the wedding anniversary! Obviously market price rises will start to slow as various cars reach a ceiling of peoples wealth where this will be and for what Marques is unknown, (How much can a DB5 be worth? Why isn't a AC Greyhound worth more?) but I certainly don't see any future price crash and all the comics predictions of market collapse have proved to just be "Bad news sells" head lines for me. My only note of caution would be where new exotica from the various stables like Ferrari and Porsche have boomed in value. I don't really understand it, I am sure its purely investment driven.....These cars are a product of large corporations trying to sell units and please share holders and there will be yet another limited edition wizz bang super car filled full of electrics to make the driver feel a hero, designed and built by computers and robots and sold in tiled glass fronted show rooms to new money Neil....Oh and the next one will be faster than the last one.....Compare to William Lyons David Brown and Enzo Ferrari who owned a car company each and whose products were their vision....There will be no more!

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