These two Italian beauties are an interesting combination that just by chance happen to be in our workshops at the same time. The Touring bodied Maserati 3500GT, now finished in its original colour of Verde Bosco, is a car used at the 1961 London Motor Show. Manufactured between 1957 and 1964, almost 2000 Touring bodied coupes were produced. With an output of around 220 bhp from a straight six fed by 3 twin choke 42 DCOE Webbers it was capable of around 145 mph, a not inconsiderable performance for a car first produced in 1957. This was Maserati’s first road car to be produced in any numbers and formed the basis for the company’s future growth. The Lancia Flaminia GTL Coupe displays a clear genetic relationship with the Maserati, not surprising as it is also clothed in a Touring designed body. However under the bonnet it is very different indeed with a very pretty little 3C 2.8 litre V6 producing 140 bhp allowing for 100mph+ performance. This is a slightly later 1964 car which is now finished in its original black and is awaiting a new interior and the re-fitting of its exterior brightwork. The Flaminia GT Coupe had a slightly longer production run than the Maserati, being produced from 1957 until 1967 by which time some 1718 had been sold. This GTL 2+2 is even rarer with only 300 examples leaving the production line.

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