Below is an extract from a letter we recently received from a customer after we had set up the SU carbs on his Land Rover. He had been trying to get them set up properly for some time and I believe we were the fourth company to take a look.
‘I just want to thank you again for the excellent work done on tuning my 1983 Land Rover 110's SU carburettors. She is running fine now, with lots of power plus low rev torque. I could tell that you guys had done it right when I started the engine when I collected the Land Rover. I've given her a decent bit of use including motorway use and is quite happy travelling at 70mph (or a bit more even)’.
As always we were very glad to have been of service. It is quite incredible the number of specialist garages who could not perform such a basic task as to set up a pair of SU carburettors on a Rover V8 engine. Over the last twenty years computer diagnostics have meant the art of setting up an engine's fuelling and ignition timing are lost on the new generation of mechanics who rely on a computer to tell them which sensor or component has failed. This has without doubt lead to other garages effectively trying to guess what the fault is on older vehicles and underlines the need for more apprenticeships within the classic car industry.

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