At CCCR we are lucky to restore and maintain some of the worlds greatest classic and sports cars. marques as diverse as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mclaren, Triumph, Maserati and of course MG. We have restored many MGB's over the years and the sales side of CCCR recently sourced a beautiful condition MGB for one of its customers. Whilst road testing this particular car it occurred to me what a fantastic classic car these are. There are two body styles roadster for wind in your hair summer motoring or my favorite the GT (Mainly because the top of my head is higher than the top edge of the windscreen in the roadster and my fast receding hair line needs no help!!) which is a very well proportioned practical sports car.  Of course we are aware of their faults, oil leaks, severe corrosion etc but all parts are readily available and inexpensive, they are well balanced and fun to drive, economical to run and one of their great advantages is they are easy cars to work on which means thousands of Dads have shown their son's & Daughters basic mechanics on the drive way before Sunday roast, and a car that helps bring friends and families closer together (Even if it is asking for a tow home on a Friday night!) gets a thumbs up from me.

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