This Triumph TR6 restoration presents many challenges due to the various upgrades required and the non standard nature of its final specification. The fact it is going abroad means it will need to be thoroughly tested before leaving Blighty and it must also be completed by Christmas....Thats Christmas 2014 and we didn't even see the car till the middle of September 2014!! If all goes to plan this project will be a credit to CCCR and its dedicated and talented staff! We will keep progress updated till the end of the year so you can see if we hit target.

This TR6 had not been on the road since 1981! it looks sad but at least its complete.

We have just six months to create a truly amazing one off vehicle that will be shipped abroad. We have no room for error!

General dirt and grime covers all components.

Specialist paint strippers only available to the trade speed progress.

Body shell stripped from chassis ready for sand blasting along with chassis. We chose sand blasting over acid dipping for this project due to speed of turn around and also the fact compared to most cars the TR6 does not have too many box sections to trap the sand and cause a problem,

Suspension components stripped back to bare metal now being acid etched primed

Various weld repairs to chassis were required all to the highest standard.

chassis repairs complete now having acid etch primer and super tough special chassis black applied.

chassis components having received several coats of our preferred specialist super tough chassis paint.

Rebuild commences, every component either replaced, refurbished or uprated.

Fast road suspension including stiffer anti roll bar to control body roll.

Millions of parts for thousands of cars.

Body shell back from the sand blasters showing serious structural damage.

First job is to apply a light coat of acid etch primer to prevent surface rust starting.

Body is mounted onto chassis before weld repairs to ensure good panel gaps on rebuild.

It is some times more economical to buy new panels than repair old ones, vehicle provenance will some times dictate over what would be a purely financial decision.

Body shell in paint shop receiving the customers chosen non original body colour, looking very smart too!

Fitting front seats from MGF, modification of seat subframes is required. The reason to fit these seats is to help hold the occupants in place whilst hard cornering, even so the whole interior will need to be re-trimmed in a matching tasteful colour scheme. Although not to the taste of the purest,this has been from the ground up a modern take on the TR6 a car that will accelerate grip and corner as a new designed car.

The body shell evolves with every added new part.

Engine installed into chassis

Stainless steel exhaust manifold and high torque starter motor.

Alvis TD in the back ground awaiting the same treatment

Body and chassis built to the same beautiful standards

Better than new in every way!

High performance Aluminum radiator, brakes lines, bonnet hinges, windscreen surround.

Dynamat is used on the passenger compartment floor pan and bulk heads, it will be used in conjunction with other sound deadening products. Its greatest asset is helping with heat rejection in to the passenger compartment a major consideration with the car going to a hot climate.

Flatting and polishing paint work to glass like finish.

Crank pulley with 36 minus 1 trigger wheel fitted for electronic fuel injection system. 

Electric water temp gauge fitted to thermostat housing, again fitted for the new ECU.

Modern coil pack fitted to inner wing. More power and accuracy than points, plugs and coil again powered by the modern ECU.

Blue printing the exhaust manifold to help ensure there is a correct step between the two mating surfaces helping with gas flow.

Throttle bodies now in place and really look the part!

On the floor with Toyo semi race road legal tyres and hood frame fitted.

It will be a shame to drive it and get the underside dirty!

With oil cooler and we went out of our way to make sure that the rad fan fitted was to the very edge of the Aluminium radiator. 

Seats covers being made in full leather with bespoke colour scheme to match rest of interior.

The MGF seat frames were chosen for their better supporting design during hard cornering but being narrow enough to fit into the TR6 body shell. The seats are shown here fully trimmed and rebuilt and looking rather splendid!

Fuel tank installed with filter before pump to help with pump reliability. This will help prevent any swarf from the special race fuel tank from damaging the fuel pump or blocking the injectors. We have used stainless steel over braided PTFE fuel hose, standard rubber hose can be prone to allowing fuel vapour to come through it causing petrol smells in and around the car. A neat install with as few connections as possible to help with overall vehicle reliability.

Pump and filter mounted into specially made rubber suspended mountings for noise and vibration suppression again helping with reliability and driver comfort. 

Fuel and brake lines neatly installed and heat wrapped where they pass near any heat sources.

Exhaust fitted and a bespoke support bracket made securing it to the chassis not the body, overall stronger and quieter.

PTFE fuel lines installed, routing away from heat sources and heat wrapped where required, also please note remote heater matrix flow valve fitted which  are more reliable than the original design.

Fuel and brakes lines neatly installed within the C section of the chassis.

Engine wiring harness for stand alone programmable ECU before installation.

Its ALIVE!!! With harness installed and a base map created within the ECU the engine was fired up with this laptop connected to adjust fuel and ignition. This screen shows a RPM figure 1295.

With the base map installed and with all systems extensively checked to reduce rolling road costs the TR6 was then trailered to a rolling road facility to create a fuel and ignition map within the ECU tailored specifically to this engine.

Electric window kit neatly installed with the switches installed into the Centre console.

Not yet finished but looking very fetching in early Feb winter sunshine.

For a car this fast you need some serious stopping power, Hi Spec four pot calipers gripping onto drilled and vented discs help give a confident driving experience.

Alpine audio was chosen for its superior quality and is a brand that everyone knows and trusts.

External amplification was recomended and is now standard fitment on pretty much all the new premium brand cars. External amplifiers will give the ability to drive the speakers much harder producing greater clarity and without speaker distortion!

We made our own housings to mount the speakers within the car body, giving a tighter, punchier sound reproduction and protecting the rear of the speaker from dust and dirt.

Fitting the modern audio system and all its cabling. We use oxygen free cabling and gold plated terminals where possible and route them away from anything that may cause interference like electric fuel pumps.

The external amplification was mounted in the boot and required a hefty battery feed to keep the amps correct and stable under load.

Completed 4 speaker system, mounted in matching leather interior and securely bolted to the rear bulkhead. A lot of good quality car audio hardware is let down by flimsy speaker installations resulting in loss of clarity.

The clever use of LED lighting under the dash and undersides of the door frames creates soft foot well illumination and external floor lighting helping to avoid stepping in puddles on vehicle exit or entry.

CCCR bear packing his bags and preparing to stow away

The team saying Bon Voyage before the completed TR6 heads abroad.

After 6 weeks of shipping the TR6 lands safely in beautiful sunny Mauritius. The picture above shows another happy customer and friends toasting the car after a very enjoyable drive from the port back to his home.

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