Aston Martin DB5

This DB5 was a family owned car that had not been used for decades. it was in a neglected state and was in need of renovation. A sympathetic restoration was undertaken by CCCR to include a full bare metal respray, full interior retrim, various mechanical refurbishments including full brake system overhaul and some of the bright work was re-chromed.  The idea was to avoid the costs of a full nut and bolt and focus on the obvious cosmetics and mechanicals Original leather trim  Overhauled braking parts ... read more

Aston Martin DB6

This DB6 has come to us for a full body off nut and bolt restoration with upgrades. Although the car had recently been purchased by its current owner and looked in reasonable condition when the car was fully stripped back there was a multitude of previous poor repairs in need of rectification. Engine now fully rebuilt with 4.2 upgrade and vantage specification heads. Interior being stripped The engine bay was clean and tidy but the various areas of bubbling paint suggested that there would be body corrosion that would need t... read more

Aston Martin DBS V8

Being RHD and one of only 17 cars ordered and exported to Hong Kong in 1972, this DBS is particularly desirable and extremely rare. In January 2012 the car returned to the UK with the help of an airline pilot. With only a few signs of corrosion in the usual places on both sills, the car showed to be in its original condition. CCCR will be undertaking a full nut and bolt restoration, inclusive of subtle upgrades such as a 5.7 litre engine conversion and electronic fuel injection with a 5 speed manual gearbox. All of which ar... read more

Jaguar E-Type V12

The Jaguar E-Type is known to be one of the most iconic and beautiful cars ever made, based on Jaguars own famed Le mans racer with monocoque construction it was a far cry from the previous XK range of Jaguar sports cars. This incredible car (A series three V12 version) came to CCCR for a bare metal respray With the paint having become faded and dull with evident signs of repair.. The first thing to do for after an initial assessment is to remove all external trims such as bumpers, door ... read more

Triumph TR6 1969

This Triumph TR6 restoration presents many challenges due to the various upgrades required and the non standard nature of its final specification. The fact it is going abroad means it will need to be thoroughly tested before leaving Blighty and it must also be completed by Christmas....Thats Christmas 2014 and we didn't even see the car till the middle of September 2014!! If all goes to plan this project will be a credit to CCCR and its dedicated and talented staff! We will keep progress updated till the end of the year so you can see if we hit... read more

Aston Martin DB6

A straight forward rebuild of the six cylinder engine on this DB6 was required. Showing signs of general wear but there was no block porosity at the bass of the liners which often happens. The pent roofed duel valve DB6 cylinder head in need of a refurb..... There is a lot of misinformation spoken about what it costs to rebuild one of these engines. To set the record straight they are of a basic engine design and simple to work on. The biggest issue in rebuilding these engines is relating to "block perosity", caused where the dissim... read more

Lagonda Rapide

Rapide waiting for recommission next to a rare Vantage Manual DBS The fast appreciating Lagonda Rapide for a long time many Aston owners were not even aware of the vehicles significance. This particular example arrived at CCCR in need of a engine rebuild and various body/chassis repairs to keep it road worthy however a colour change was soon decided not long after work commenced. Engine out, a fairly straight forward job on the Astons with a fair amount of room to work in the engine bay. After we had stripped the engine of all ancillar... read more

Aston Martin Oscar India

Muscular Aston Martin Oscar India manual just in for the CCCR team to sort out the carburration, paint work and interior. ... read more

Jaguar XK 150

Our exciting XK150 project after the extensive refinishing processes has now entered the first stage of priming and flatting. More photos to follow. The XK 150 has now arrived back at the CCCR workshops after its paint stripping process, it is coated in a acid etch primer to prevent an corrosion. The process revealed serveral historic repairs of a poor standard that we have since reworked. Cotswold TV - XK150 Restoration Part 2  XK150 Body shell rebuild well under way Having now replaced/repaired the inner and outer sills, the bo... read more

Aston Martin DB6

This DB6 visits the CCCR workshops every year for general servicing, she is currently in for a new clutch and brake servo overhaul. This car is used by the whole family and it is a joy to see it every year helping to keep it in tip top condition and what a great number plate to!... read more

Maserati 3500 GTI

This 1962 Maserati 3500 GTI R/H/D is very rare indeed and was featured in Autocar's road test and is rumoured to have been the British motor show car. It came to us in a dreadful state having been to three other companies who had dismantled and effected some substandard repairs, however the CCCR team have working their magic and the car nearing completion is really starting to look as beautiful as Maserati designer Giulio Alfieri had intended! Door builds are complicated compared to Aston Martins but rewarding when completed to this high... read more

Aston Martin Virage

This Aston martin Virage had been laid up outside for a good few years and this model is prone to corrosion especially to the back panel and sills. The polyvon timing tubes are famed for splitting on these engines and causing them to run very rough. Its a good days work trying to take the inlet manifold off and sort all of them out.... read more

Series three Jaguar EType

Although considered the ugly sister the Series three V12 EType is easily the most practical and easiest of all to use and this example that CCCR recommission to the road after being parked in a garage for twenty years. Its in remarkably original condition and is still in the same family. Note the eight track player, now becoming collectable.... read more

Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF

CCCR Has had the pleasure of restoring a beautiful Lancia Fulvia 1600HF. The car had been in storage since 1985 with the owners intent always of fully restoring it. First job was to repair the after market sunroof that had been fitted, the picture shows one of our highly skilled fabricators gas welding in the repair panel, very few are capable of doing this without creating panel distortion. Lessons in cool....If your going to be the best in the business you gotta do it in style! It doesn't get much better than that, correct ra... read more

Bentley S3

This beautiful and original Bentley S3 suffered a rear end accident that CCCR handled the insurance claim on behalf of its client. during the repairs its was decided to to generally tidy up the lower half of the car where there were some signs of corrosion. Chassis damage was evident as well, although looking severe it was relatively straight forward to repair for the experienced CCCR team. After the chassis was straightened the bottom half of the O/S rear wing was replaced with a new fabrication made on sight and what a beautiful... read more

Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

CCCR were extremely pleased to be commissioned to carry out a full restoration to this Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane. Arriving to our workshops in the poorest of states having been stored in a very wet garage since the mid eighties the extent of its decay became only became apparent during the stripping process I really like the styling of this car, built just after the war it has a restrained air of class about it, not ostentatious but authoritative. Martin Buckley Spotted this car in our yard and was so taken by the p... read more

Alvis TD21

This very sad looking Alvis arrived at the CCCR workshops in November clearly in need of a total restoration. These historically significant cars are rising in value and for good reason to, they are beautifully well balanced in design, well engineered and have a string of celebrity owners past and present. Within hours of coming into the CCCR workshops the CCCR team are making sense of the project Some one started restoring this car many years ago but they were unable to complete, this then led to the cars condition regressing until a n... read more

Corvette Stingray

This Corvette fresh from the States arrived at the CCCR workshops to be modified so as to meet UK legislation, also to sort the non starting engine and non stopping brakes!... read more

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