Repairs & Maintenance

Cotswold Classic Car Restorations use class leading products

CCCR offers a maintance and MOT reminder service to help ensure your car stays in top condition.

To keep your car performing at its best it is important to keep it regularily maintained. CCCR can advise on service schedules for each area of your classic car including engine and drive train, suspension and importantly, although often overlooked, the body! CCCR can advise on the type of oils and lubricants that should be used and recommend regular maintance intervals depending on vehicle usage.



Cotswold Classic Car Restorations use Evans, leading products

As much as we all love classics there are often little niggles we wish we could resolve or improvements made to them to make them that little bit better still.

CCCR can help advise on all manor of improvements that you may well desire to help create your perfect classic, everything from electronic ignition to improve starting, economy and performance to improved exterior and interior lighting. Suspension and brake upgrades can improve handling and safety, modern wiring termination with the period look will undoubtedly improve reliability with out looking out of place.

CCCR can advise on what changes should be made to your suspensions settings and geomentry making every journey a joy!

Any classic with a modern radio is like Gloria Hunniford wearing a boob tube....Its just not right! and now today there is no excuse, with modern technology it is possible to fit out a period radio chassis with everything from F.M/DAB to Blue tooth for your I phone to a media player docking station, and of course amplification and accurate sound reproduction with the help fom our friends at Alpine.

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